The One Thing Fat Shaming Should Teach All of Us

The first time I heard the term “fat shaming” was in response to Oprah’s latest endeavor as a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers. I saw posts all over social media filled with tension and fueled by anger. As a self-proclaimed “die hard” Oprah fan, I felt the need to see the advertisement that was causing such an emotional stir.

I was shocked…

And I was confused…

But I certainly wasn’t angry.

How is it that we are all watching the same commercial, but only a percentage of us feel the need to label it as an act of fat shaming?

I think that we can all agree that the way that we interpret the world is based on our unique experiences, perspectives, securities and insecurities. The hard truth is, this commercial did not rub me the wrong way because I am secure with my weight. In fact, I don’t feel ashamed based on what anybody says, or does UNLESS it grazes on a wound.

Think about this: if you are a whole, happy, healthy person and you go for a swim in the ocean, how does your skin feel? Fine. Now if you go for a swim in the ocean covered in cuts, how does your skin feel? It feels irritated and painful. It’s not the saltwater’s issue, it’s ours. The same goes for all of us.

What we can all learn is this: our reaction to the world says more about us, than it does about the actual experience. The next time something irks you the wrong way, hold up a mirror and ask yourself why? What’s your issue? And how can you heal?

Let’s stop pointing the finger and start looking hard at ourselves. Let’s start loving ourselves for who we are and embracing our evolution. Do what it takes to feel good and heal your wounds. At the end of the day action is more powerful than reaction.

With LOVE & Gratitude

Rob and Jacq



Rob and Jacq