How We Transformed our Entire Lives...

(And Healed our Wounds from the Past.)

I am fortunate to be a resemblance, rather than a replication of who I was yesterday

Jacq Pollock

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What People Are Saying:

  • Donald C. Campbell

    Real and honest. The process takes courage. Rob and Jacq lead you in a very straight forward and practical way. I actually shared this with my 14 year old son who embraced writing his letters and is encouraging the rest of the family to do so. I am grateful for finding this book. It quite possible has saved our family.

  • Rico Ramos

    I highly recommend this book to anyone that seeks or wants to gain a closer understanding of themselves and of their partner. I think you will find that once you get started you will not want to miss writing one letter. The only critique I have is that I would have liked to see some pictures or drawings included but that is a minor point really. I also have a very early copy of the book so perhaps they did include some of this in the latest release. In any case I thank the authors and highly recommend this book!

  • Luci

    After going through the process, my reaction is: how come have I not learned this earlier in my life? How come in this day and age, we have not yet discovered this essential core view of the world? How come all kids over the world are not learning this in schools? The meanings we give to our experiences seems most of the time unconscious, lacking awareness. Practicing gratitude opens us to new ways of being. Knowledge and knowing how to be opens the doors of knowing how to do. Powerful.

4 Powerful Lessons You Will Get from The Book

  1. How to use gratitude journaling to improve your communication skills.
  2. How to heal, forgive and move forward.
  3. How to embrace a positive attitude (and not let the little stuff get to you).
  4. How to be authentic (love it) and share that with everone.

About The Authors



Rob and Jacq are passionate about making a positive impact in the world. In 2012, after writing and living by the lessons of “The Letters of Gratitude”, they traded their careers for a life of travel and adventure. Their nomadic lifestyle affords them time to follow their ever evolving passions and embrace new cultural perspe​ctives. Their journey led them to the calling of The Book of Love. It is through writing, gratitude, and acts of love that they create change.

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