The Difference Between Kind and Too Kind (Part 1 of 2)

It seems fair to say that we are all doing the best we can. Perhaps this will sound overly optimistic, but I also think that most of us try and leave a positive impact in this world (I hope). We go out of our way for strangers. We do nice things for people we love – or anyone really. We offer our time to people who need a listening ear. We offer our support to people in need. We go out of our way to leave people feeling better for our presence. For the most part, I love this about this community, my family, my friends and all of the people in my life. The one real danger about this is every once in a while someone will try and take advantage of our kindness. NOTE: this does not mean we should stop being kind!

Over the years, I have been taken advantage of. Perhaps even unknowingly, I have taken advantage of people too. But at some point, we have to know when to draw the line.

Here is one really personal experience that I will hope exemplify this. I recently received an email from a member of this community requesting a refund. In 99.9% percent of the cases – no problem! If you are unhappy with something, even if it is digital, you should be able to return it. In this particular case, I had to draw the line between kind and too kind. I offer a subscription service for a daily quote over the course of a year which was requested by many people. You ask for it, you get it. Normally, I receive really cool feedback about it and it’s great. At the time the service began, I offered the service for $50 a year because I strongly believe it should be affordable for everyone. I soon came to realize that it was costing me more money to send the emails out than the $50 a year I was charging. OOPS!!! I took the service off the site and wiped my hands clean. This particular individual requested a full refund after 11 months. Okay. So I dug a little deeper and sure enough they not only receive the emails, but also open them daily and in many cases several times a day. For only second time EVER, I responded to the request with a no and offered a monthly compensation for the remaining month which equated to a whopping $4.17.   It is not about the money, but about what I allow into my life and what message that sends to the world. From this experience, I was reminded that at some point we all must draw the line between being kind and too kind.

Here is How I Draw the Line Between Being Kind and Too Kind:

  • I pay really close attention to my guttural reaction. If I am feeling frustrated, I pay attention to that and ask myself why.
  • I examine my motives for my actions. If the word “guilt”, or “obligation” pop into my mind, I don’t do it.
  • I take note of my energy levels. If I always feel drained around a person – I ask myself why.
  • I follow my heart when people ask for favors.
  • I choose to surround myself with people who are also kind.
  • Above all, I don’t do anything that I don’t want to. Yes, this is true and you don’t have to either!

P.S. Drop me a note and let me know how YOU draw the line between kind and too kind.

P.S.S In a couple of days I will post a really fun list of Acts of Kindness. So be sure to check for an email in your inbox!

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