The Art of Silly

In the shadows of my journey I can recall the essence of being a child: laughter, sport, jokes, play, creativity, belief, open-mindedness and of course sillinesss
The most fortunate children of this world approach the world with a strain of fun running through all that they do.
Somewhere along the journey many of us lose this because of the realities of our world: work, bills, relationship and so on.
Yet, this very essence is re-ignited in the presence of children.
Haven’t you had an experience of being around a child and you find yourself acting and behaving in ways you never would with your adult friends?

The question that is worth pondering is, do you fully take advantage of all of the privileges of being an adult?

Let’s consider this for a moment…remember when you were young and all of those things that you weren’t allowed to do seemed more fun?  Well the truth is, now you CAN!!!
This is Great News because when I really thought about it, I had a few things in my life I really wanted to do:
-jump on the bed
-eat ice cream in the bath
-pillow fights in the living room
-prank wars
-not make my bed
-eat chocolate for breakfast
-wear my Halloween costume to the grocery store
-stay up past “bed time” watching movies
-food fights
-basically Freedom
Maybe this list isn’t all that appealing to you, but take a moment to think about whether or not you take advantage of your privileges as an adult.
We may not be children anymore, but there is NOBODY to say that every once in a while we cannot connect with our inner child.
GRATITUDE CHALLENGE: Do something silly and have FUN (legally) smiley
With Gratitude,
Rob and Jacq

Rob and Jacq

  • Jessan Dunn Otis | Writer

    As I’ ve said for some time now, there’s no such thing as “too cute” nor “too much fun”. I would, certainly, add “too silly” too. The sublime of ridiculousness. Giggle on . . .

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