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Transformational 3 Day Self Care Kit

In as little as 3 days, I can show you how to transform your life with thise inspirational Self-Care Practices.

For many of us it feels selfish, or we feel guilty to take a little me time, or pamper ourselves. We worry about what others will think. Despite what we have been taught, or told, taking care of ourselves will make us happier. And when are happy, the people who love us will be too!

Self-Care feels daunting and for many of you, you don’t know where to start.

The 3 day Digital Self-Care Kit is designed for women like you who have a tough time putting their needs first. This fun and life altering program will leave you feeling recharged, re-energized and feeling like YOU again.

The Digital Self-Care Kit Includes:

  •  3 Day Digital Self Care Program
  •  3 Day Self-Care Journal Pages
  •  3 Day Self-Care Planner
  •  HUNDREDS of Self-Care ideas and activities
  •  Digital Daily Mantra Cards
  •  Self-agreement Page

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