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EXCERPT FROM The Book of Love

We can all agree that the world could be kinder, more loving and selfless. The best way to see this shift happen is to give our love indiscriminately and often! You have the power to change someone’s day, or life for the better. The results of our acts are usually unknown and we never fully know the true impact that they have on someone’s life. But, every once in a while the true impact of your acts will reveal themselves to you and sometimes it will leave you in awe! This is your confirmation, if you need any, that your path of love is a rewarding way of life.

Close to a year ago, we felt the intent urge to write a letter to our followers. Time and again, we would receive messages crying for help, looking for advice, seeking some sort of online approval because they were not getting the support they needed in their life. And so we wrote a letter to everyone (on page 156). It took us a few hours, but we were happy to use this time to express ourselves to those in needed to hear those words. It simply felt like the right thing to do. We posted in on our website, social groups, and let it go. It wasn’t long before we received a heartfelt email:

I was going to kill myself, but after reading this I have changed my mind. Thank you.

Those few hours of our time, energy and love were certainly of value. They equated to a human life. This is of course an extreme, but the old cliché rings true: we can make the world a better place one act at a time. Slow down, look around, and listen the beckons of your heart.

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