Managing our Minds

Every so often, somewhere deep within we want something so bad that we believe it will happen.  It is not a wish because it is not based in hope; it is a whole hearted conviction. Despite all statistics, or evidence suggesting it will not be, somehow it is.  Somehow what we believe for our lives happens even when the odds of the whole world are stacked us

For some of us, manifestation is a very real concept, but for others it some pseudo-psychology laughing stock.  Personally, my mind has traveled the entire spectrum between skepticism and sureness.
I may have lost some of you already, and that is okay; but for those of you who are still with me, I will share with you what my experiences have taught me.
Many people have written, lectured and captured in film the profound impact of manifestation and over the years I have listened to the lessons half-heeding the message.
It wasn’t until recently that realized I have been living these principals my whole life; but, due to the careless management of my mind the results have been a cocktail of punishment and positivity.
What I realized is this:
-Too often we get exactly what we want (ever caught yourself saying “I will get by” and finding that you have just enough money to pay the bills?)
-Our imagined scenarios often become our life (ever had a firm conviction that you would get married, have kids and you look around and that is your life?)
-Our convictions create real results (have you ever known someone who always believed they would be financially rich and they are?)
-Our vivid wonders are not just “what ifs” (have you ever caught yourself wondering with incredible detail an imagined scenario and the next thing you know it happens?)
Some of us have the gift of chaining together the coincidences of our lives and chocking it up to something more profound.  What I have learnt in my life is that we need to manage our minds because this manifests in our lives.
We urge you to take the time to think about your thoughts in light of the possibility they may just come true.  For our biggest fear in life should be a life lived in fear.  And the only dreams that are not coming true are the ones we have yet to believe.
With Gratitude,
Rob and Jacq

Rob and Jacq

  • Phillip A. Lopez

    Rob and Jacq – Spot ON!! Manifestation of thought into physical equivalence is NOT a random occurrence left to luck or the breaks.

    Intention Rules Your Universe…
    Your relationship with the intention of your thoughts provides a powerful tool that offers an unfathomable sense of freedom and empowerment as you recognize your influence in creating positive and ever flowing abundance in your life.

    You become what you think about!
    Your thoughts can only return to you, what you give.

    Thoughts of Greatness, can only return Greatness.
    Thoughts of Doom and Despair, can only return what you have asked for.

    “never underestimate the power of your brain and the resulting consequences of your uncontrolled thoughts.” The goal is to be dutiful of where your mind drifts to… Training yourself to keep focus of the things that you do want, and eliminating from repetition the thoughts of the things that you do not want.

  • Peter Horrill

    Our goal in life is to FULLY awaken, I believe, to CONSCIOUSLY create success on our own terms.

    A Valuable insight to share here is that our reality is shaped by what we “accept” (either consciously or unconsciously, hence our need to fully awaken) and what we expect. ~ The Great Randy Gage.

  • thesocialmediaentrepreneur

    Consciously creating or unconsciously creating…no matter what state we are in we are always “creating” our life. What matters is becoming aware of the creating process and utilizing it consciously. Good post guys! Thanks!

  • Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt

    “Personally, my mind has traveled the entire spectrum between skepticism and sureness.” YES! It’s this dichotomy that gets the best of me. Somewhere deep in my heart, I know I will get justice one way or another (regarding my student loans and previous abuse by local politicians). I just don’t know if it will be in this lifetime, and that is discouraging. Thanks for all you do.

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