I Too Have Grown

As the counter of our lives increase, it gives reason to contemplate, reflect and gaze ahead.  I remember the excitement of the small increments as a child, as each number began to open new doors and opportunities.  As an adolescent and into adulthood it became emblematic of behaviors allowed and others became suddenly shunned.  And as we age beyond this, the monuments become fewer with less obvious connotations and direction.      

Another decade…
Over the years, the societal shift towards a celebratory tone is one that I embrace.  As a new era is on the horizon, I wanted to take the time to define and simultaneously express my learning experiences:
The Power of a Voice is able to inspire, to teach, and to enhance ones life.
The Power of a Word is able to motivate, to heal, to empower and to energize ones thoughts.
The Power of a Gaze is able to encourage, to smile and provoke positivity in the world.
The Power of an Ear is able to learn, to confirm, and remind us all why we are here.
The Power of Belief is able to alter the course of ones life and encourage others to live their best self.
The Power of a Risk is able to transform self and all that it reflects onto the world.
The Power of Gratitude is able to heal, to create, to motivate, and to recreate ones life.
The Power of Love is able to invigorate ones soul, to heal pains of the past, and to teach the heart what it is meant to feel like.
The Power of a Smile Within is able to touch every cell within and permeate the world.
Over the last 10 years, I have realized that my journey has just begun and I am so grateful for all of the heartaches and hard lessons learned.  Each footing carefully placed beneath has led me to place that I am so grateful to stand today.  With love in my heart, with passion to pursue my goals, and with a smile in my soul, I know that this moment will too become a place where I measure from where I have grown.  
With Gratitude,
Rob and Jacq

Rob and Jacq