I Believe in the Magic of Kindness


One of the great fortunes in my life has been the opportunity to experience the pure joy of both giving and receiving for no intention other than unadulterated kindness. When we give, we are reminded why our presence matters. When we receive, we are reminded that our presence matters. The mere act of being kind is the true essence of magic: it stirs a fire deep within our belly, it ignites a warm glow around our heart, and its light defies all surrounding darkness.

Kindness is in our nature. When we see someone in need, we help. It is at the core of who we truly are. Yet, if someone is perfectly happy, or doing fine we tend to accept the status quo –unless of course an occasion calls us to celebrate. So today, I challenge this entire community to do something kind for someone you know, or don’t know just because. The world is a better place for your presence.

100 Acts of Kindness

Excerpt taken from The Book of Love

  1. Tip ridiculously (especially if someone seems to be having a challenging day).
  2. Feed someone.
  3. Host a Free Hugs Day.
  4. Buy flowers and attach a loving note. Give them away to strangers.
  5. Deliver anonymous love letters to mailboxes.
  6. Compliment strangers.
  7. Bake something and randomly give it away.
  8. Put loving notes in balloons. Write “pop me” on the outside and give them away.
  9. Put a kind message in a bottle and send it off.
  10. Start a conversation with someone who seems to be struggling.
  11. Invest in micro-loans (check out Kiva.org)
  12. Give kind notes/thank you cards for people in the service industry that you appreciate, but have yet to extend thanks (gas stations, grocery stores, coffee shops etc.).
  13. Give gift certificates to your favorite places to strangers.
  14. Gift wrap something special with a meaningful note and give it to someone in need.
  15. Pick up a strangers bill and tell them to pass on the love.
  16. Start a give back business.
  17. Be mindful while shopping. Support businesses that give to a good cause! Check out GiveGeneration.com
  18. Pick something from the creativity list and give it away.
  19. Adopt a pet from a local shelter, or donate your time.
  20. Leave your favorite inspirational book in a public place.
  21. Do something kind for the environment. Spend a day picking up litter etc.
  22. Spend time with people who are lonely.
  23. Leave an uplifting note taped to the mirror in a public restroom.
  24. Declutter and Donate.
  25. Spend one day focused on smiling at everyone you see.
  26. Spend one day focused solely on listening to people.
  27. Call people and thank them for specific things you appreciate.
  28. Communicate with a local shelter and ask them what type of support they need. Act.
  29. Go out of your way to introduce yourself to neighbors.
  30. Give your time to community events.
  31. What are you awesome at? Offer to teach someone free of charge!
  32. Call a local school, or program and ask what they need? Is there something you could do to support them?
  33. Invent something that will help people.
  34. Start a veggie garden and donate the food.
  35. On occasions where you would normally receive gifts, donate them instead of keeping them.
  36. Have a garage sale and donate the proceeds.
  37. Foster an animal until it can find a permanent home.
  38. Cook your favorite meal and deliver it to someone in need.
  39. Buy tickets to a movie and give it to someone in need.
  40. Write a song that will uplift people.
  41. Make it your goal to make 5 stranger’s laugh, or smile.
  42. Say I love you when you do.
  43. Forgive people.
  44. Do your best to not waste food.
  45. If you are not already, become a hugger!
  46. Sew, knit, or crotchet garments/blankets and donate them.
  47. Reduce water waste.
  48. Have a positive frame of mind (it is contagious and will bring joy to others)
  49. When people are having a tough day, compliment them.
  50. When spending time with people, give them you full attention with no distractions.
  51. Deliver meals to new moms.
  52. Respond to people when they reach out to you.
  53. Purchase tickets to something recreational and donate them (swimming passes, ice skating passes, golf etc.)
  54. Prioritize time with people you love. Put away electronics in their presence and don’t use the excuse that you are too busy.
  55. Do you constantly upgrade your computer or cell phone? Donate them to a community center.
  56. Use reusable shopping bags.
  57. Open doors for strangers.
  58. Be conscious of purchasing fair trade items.
  59. Don’t give advice to people.
  60. Don’t judge others or criticize.
  61. If you see someone in a crisis, offer a hand.
  62. See a stranger visibly upset? Offer support.
  63. Tell the people you love what is inspiring about them.
  64. Tell jokes and be silly.
  65. Offer your cooking/cleaning services to someone who could use a hand.
  66. Thank people often and out of the blue.
  67. Rid your negative thoughts. Your happiness is a gift to people you love.
  68. Be a person who puts a positive spin on things.
  69. Don’t support social media that puts people down.
  70. Consider a volunteer vacation.
  71. Offer to care for animals while friends/family are away.
  72. Buy and gift tickets to a comedy event for someone who needs it.
  73. Take someone who is stressed out for pampering.
  74. Give flowers (or anything) unexpectedly.
  75. Write letters to people you love that are in gratitude to them. Mail them.
  76. Try to be a zero garbage household
  77. Call and let people know that you are there for them.
  78. Do not try to change people. Love and embrace them as they are.
  79. Cheer people on for who they are.
  80. Write a thank you card to someone who inspires you.
  81. Write a thank you note to someone who made a profound impact on you when you were young.
  82. Write the Letter Series for someone you love and give it as a gift (pg. 154)
  83. Print your favorite photo of you and a loved one. Frame it and write the loving memory behind the photo. Explain why it is special to you. Give it.
  84. Gift and share music that makes you feel loved.
  85. Offer a helpful hand indiscriminately and often.
  86. Make jewelry with kind messages incorporated. Gift them to strangers.
  87. Host an appreciation night for friends and family. Cook their favorite foods and serve their favorite beverages. Give a speech that honors all of your guests.
  88. Ask people what they love?
  89. Tell people what you love about them.
  90. Share with people what you love!
  91. Tell jokes to strangers while in line ups.
  92. Write kind notes and put them on people’s windshields.
  93. Plug parking meters when they are low to help someone avoid a ticket.
  94. Help people carry their groceries.
  95. Offer to let people go ahead of when they seem rushed.
  96. Make bagged lunches and include a loving note. Give them to people in need.
  97. Stop using the word “should”. Either do, or don’t.
  98. Be honest.
  99. Teach someone Dani’s Self-Love Meditation (page 92)
  100. Try the Glad Mail Challenge!

Enjoy being kind!!!

Chat Soon.



Rob and Jacq

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