How to Transform Loneliness into Soul-Power Solitude

“When I listen to what presides within, a remarkable voice speaks. The real magic occurs when you listen.” from The Letters of Gratitude Book

When I look around and really listen to my surroundings, I hear loud and lonely cries. And they all crave the same thing. So many of us have this intense yearning to be heard, to be felt, and to be loved. There is just so much loneliness in the world. And it hurts…

But there are also those who embrace solitude. People who feel empowered in their own presence – those who find answers amongst the silence. There are people who need solitude in their daily spiritual practice to connect with their higher self.

These two paradigms are so incredibly different, but there is only one real facet that polarizes these two groups: frame of mind.

The Truth: being alone doesn’t have be lonely. In fact, if you at this very moment feel lonely I am going to show you a few ways that will help you to begin to embrace your solitude!

 9 Ways to Attain Soul-Power Solitude:

  1. Try to Think of This: being alone is enough because you are enough. There is absolutely nothing missing when you are connected to self.
  1. LOVE YOURSELF: try using your time alone to do things that are special and unique to you! You have so much hidden talent that deserves your attention. Love yourself in a way that you dedicate time to solo-activities that give you fire.
  1. Get Comfortable with Silence: there is so much wisdom that comes in silence. Messages from the universe do not come to us in moments of chaos; they show up when all is still. Have you never experienced this??? That’s okay. Try sitting in silence and open the door to allowing thoughts to flow through you. It is truly amazing how much will come to you if you are willing to listen. It may be a nudge in a particular direction, an idea, or even just a feeling. Pay close attention to what comes to you. Start embracing silence for 5 minutes a day (turn your phone off) and increase the interval over time. You may want to keep a “Messages from Solitude Journal” to keep track of what wisdom comes your way. Or, some of you may prefer to try meditation, or even stream of consciousness writing.
  1. Romance Yourself: Light the candles, make a special meal, or do whatever you would do when special guest come over. I think it’s a bit ridiculous that we save all the good stuff for company! Aren’t we important too?? Hell yes! Crack open a bottle of champagne, dance around, or whatever you want. Yes, you can literally do whatever you want (even on a Monday)!!!
  1. Embrace Nature: Get outside, listen to the sounds, and connect with the earth. This should remind you just how connected to the universe you are. Nothing quite soothes the soul like a walk on the beach, or through a dense forest. Take a break from scrolling through the endless list of selfies and memes (yes, I know I post them too) and get outside.
  1. Take a Social Media Break: I get it and I am on them too, but sometimes it gets a bit much. Really, what is more important – catching up on the lastest and greatest from your circle of friends, or reconnecting with self??! You deserve to put just as much attention into yourself, as you are putting into checking out everyone’s feed. Though I am sure your “likes” are appreciated, trust me you can use this time for the better.
  1. Pamper the Crap out of YOURSELF: Ladies, I have never understood this, why are we only willing to doll ourselves up when there is a guy in our life??? Sorry guys, I don’t have any insight into what you are up to. For me, a lot of my single friends stop shaving, wearing clothes that make them feel good, basically live in their PJ’s and the list goes on. I know, I know, I write a lot about self-care, but it’s because I do believe it is that important. Stop waiting!!! Wear the lingerie, buy that expensive mud mask, go for a massage and please just do whatever makes you feel good.
  1. Do Something Really Fun: Do something you have been putting off to do with someone. Maybe it’s a vacation? Maybe it’s a cross-country motorbike ride? Maybe it’s trying skydiving? Maybe it’s getting your tea leaves read? Whatever floats your boat, stop waiting and go for it. Okay, so maybe this isn’t about “solitude” entirely, but it is about being comfortable with yourself and not waiting. So go for it!!!
  1. WARNING SHAMELESS PLUG: I spent nearly a year putting together a crazy amount of ideas, activities, journal pages and reflection questions that are all about self-love, giving love and really living your best life. So, if these are things you need in your world right now, I strongly suggest you get a hold of a copy –> BUY THE BOOK OF LOVE. I am not suggesting it because I want, or need the tiny royalty I get from it – I just know how it has transformed a ton of people’s lives for the better!

Anyways that all I have for now (I am off to take a solo walk to the beach)!!!

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Rob and Jacq

  • Connie Saathoff

    Great article and so true!!

  • manoharjoshi

    Beautiful article. Most things I am practicing and enjoying. The life is really simple what I feel we unnecessarily make it complicated. Follow the simple principles and make the life more enjoyable.

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