Dear Santa

dear santa

Dear Santa,

It’s been a while, but I haven’t forgotten you. When I was young, I remember all the joy and laughter that I attributed to you. I recall a deep sense of mystery surrounding the magic of Christmas.

Then I grew up…

I may know more than I used to, but I haven’t stopped believing in miracles and so I am sitting here writing this to you. You will notice my list has changed over the years, but I think you will have noticed that I have been good all year (even when nobody was watching)! Please do your best…

My Christmas List for All of Us:

  • Please bring lots of good healthy food for the people who feel hunger.
  • Please heal all disease and sprinkle the entire world with good health.
  • Please bring lots of love and give it to everyone so that no one feels hate.
  • Please bring belly laughs so that everyone feels happy.
  • Please bring special glasses that we make us see each other as equals.
  • Please bring peace so that no one inflicted with pain at the hands of another.
  • Please bring genuine joy to rid jealousy, envy and disdain.
  • Please bring courage so that everyone follows their true passions.
  • Please bring special bandages to take away all of the pain.
  • Please bring freedom so that everyone can be themselves.
  • Please bring confidence will stop looking for it in the wrong places.
  • Please bring happiness so we can all be our best.
  • Please bring good communication so there is no need for conflict.
  • Please bring peace of mind so no one needs to spend another moment in worry.
  • Please bring sanity so that people stop hurting each other for “stuff”
  • Please bring truth so that people can easily make informed choices.
  • Also, please bring a TON of money so that we can all live the rest of our lives on vacation.

Thanks. That is all for this year!

Rob and Jacq