How to Write a Letter of Gratitude

Words: they encapsulate the way we perceive and publicize ourselves with the world.  They offer a mode of capturing and communicating the images that have been meticulously sculpted within our mind.  They allow us to decipher, understand and empathize with others.  The way we use, choose and abuse them is an echo of who we


7 Reasons to Smile in this Moment of Loss

For too long I have muffled tears and loud archaic whimpering sounds for the sake of others.  Quiet I have been for those who cry behind closed doors and behead the symbols that too often we, as a society, have called weak. At the sake of uncomforting others… unapologetically, I mourn in the only way


The Art of Silly

In the shadows of my journey I can recall the essence of being a child: laughter, sport, jokes, play, creativity, belief, open-mindedness and of course sillinesss The most fortunate children of this world approach the world with a strain of fun running through all that they do. Somewhere along the journey many of us lose


Managing our Minds

Every so often, somewhere deep within we want something so bad that we believe it will happen.  It is not a wish because it is not based in hope; it is a whole hearted conviction. Despite all statistics, or evidence suggesting it will not be, somehow it is.  Somehow what we believe for our lives


In the Presence of Greatness

A really wise person once explained to me the difference between dreams and success.  Quietly I listened as their words echoed and permeated my being.  “We all dream” they said.  “This is universal.  The point that differentiates the visionaries from the leaders is their ability to leap.  They are the ones that believe in themselves


I Too Have Grown

As the counter of our lives increase, it gives reason to contemplate, reflect and gaze ahead.  I remember the excitement of the small increments as a child, as each number began to open new doors and opportunities.  As an adolescent and into adulthood it became emblematic of behaviors allowed and others became suddenly shunned.  And