Change your Mindset. Stop Dreaming. Start Earning.

Most of us have, at one time or another, dreamed of having money – lots of it – and most of us have, at one time or another, gone to motivational courses, read motivational books, gone to life coaches and gone to motivational seminars to learn ‘how to get rich’. But, for me,  none of


A gift to you…

Let me ask you this… How long have you struggled? How many years have you settled for lessthan you desire? How many dreams have you given up on andignored because they were ‘Just Dreams’? I know you are finally ready to transformyour life, but if you are like most peopleout there, you feel overwhelmed and


10 Quotes To Inspire You.

Here are 10 New Quote Pictures that have been added to the Quote Library for your enjoyment.  CLICK HERE to access our entire Quote Image Library. 1. “Sometimes me think, what is a friend?” And then me say “A friend is someone to share last cookie with.” 2. When we strive to become better than


7 Things That We Apologize for Everyday, But Shouldn’t

Apologetic language floods our day to day conversations so much that it is beginning to lose meaning, value, and sincerity. We say “sorry” so often that we are probably unaware of exactly how often we use it. Being convinced of this commonplace occurrence, I spent an entire day counting “sorrys” to validity this hunch. Although


10 Tough Transitions and How to Embrace Them

10 Tough Transitions & How to Embrace Them: Change of Career. End of a Romantic Relationship/Divorce. Moving to a New City. End of a Friendship/Life. Shift in Mindset/Beliefs. Loss/Change of Spirituality. Conformity & Disregard of own Thoughts. Shift in Self/Psyche. Starting Anew (education, food choices, healthy/unhealthy lifestyle). Anytime Trust is Broken, or in times of


10 Random Acts of Gratitude

Be an Active Creator of your Happiness! 10 Random Acts of Gratitude: 1.  Pick up the tab: Do something nice for someone unexpectedly.  Pick up the tab for someone at the grocery store, the coffee shop, a restaurant. 2. FREE HUGS ANYONE??? This challenge is for for the brave! We all know the benefits of


The Hole in The Law Of Attraction

It’s not often we are impressed but this video really made us both say ‘wow’ ==> How to Force the Universe to Manifest Your Dream Life. Did you realize there is a hole in the Law of Attraction? Did you know that people around the world are living the lives of their dreams and that

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Loss for Love

I grew up with a single mother and a brother 7 years my elder in the 70’s. I idolized my brother as he was thrown into the role of “man of the house” at a young age and my mum was my hero. I guess you could say I was a momma’s boy to say