dear santa

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It’s been a while, but I haven’t forgotten you. When I was young, I remember all the joy and laughter that I attributed to you. I recall a deep sense of mystery surrounding the magic of Christmas.

Then I grew up…

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Random Acts of LOVE

EXCERPT FROM The Book of Love We can all agree that the world could be kinder, more loving and selfless. The best way to see this shift happen is to give our love indiscriminately and often! You have the power to change someone’s day, or life for the better. The results of our acts are


100 Ideas to Fuel your Creative Soul

  EXCERPT FROM “THE BOOK OF LOVE“ Draw a flipbook cartoon (flip through page 175- 215) Write a poem (check out the QR Code Below for Writing Starters) Write a book Write a short story Make a flower arrangement Watch drawing tutorials and follow along Get a canvas and paint Sculpt with clay, or weld

colorful crayons

Are you Stressed? Try Coloring!

Every so often, life gets hectic (for all of us)! It is great to have a full arsenal of methods to destress and recompose so that you can hit the ground running.  In The Book of Love, we included a few coloring pages in self-love section.  Just because you don’t have a copy of the

10 Gratitude Mantras to Say EVERYDAY:

What we tell ourselves impacts the way we feel and experience the world around us.  Here is our list of Daily Gratitude Mantras that we say everyday: 1) I love myself unconditionally. 2) I will keep my heart and soul open to change and diversity. 3) I will embrace the moment before me. 4) I


The Courage to Heal

Between the long rolling tears, through the tightly clenched eyes wishing it all away, and through the fresh taste of vomit on my breath, I heard his whisper fall gently in my ear, “we are okay and I am so grateful.”  He was right.  We were okay, but I didn’t feel that way.  We had


Co-Author “The Letters of Gratitude: LOVE”

Each of us sees the world through our unique perspectives.  There is not a word, or emotion that is uniformly defined: all of us have stories and experiences that shift our interpretation of verbal and emotional language.  It is our belief that the more that we share our individual perspectives and stories, the closer and

forgive with gratitude

I Forgive with Gratitude…

It is with gratitude that I forgive those who have wronged me because I am worth more than holding on to anger. It is with gratitude that I forgive myself because I am worth more than holding onto guilt. It is with gratitude that I forgive the universe for unfortunate circumstances because I am worth