A Quick Guide to Making More Cash

I know that financial wealth is a huge topic and it’s not one that I normally write about. Recently, I have been getting a ton of requests for this topic and I want to do what I can to share some of what I have learned about attracting more money into my life.

9 Lessons I Have Learned from Living with Less

Most people probably don’t know this, but when my husband and I left to travel the world we pretty much gave up everything. We sold what we could, but most of our “stuff” was donated. That experience of staring at everything we had accumulated over our lifetime was actually quite sobering. This, literally this heap of stuff, is what we have been busting our butts over. This is why I have been working long hours. This is why I have been depriving myself of sleep. This is what I have been sacrificing time with loved ones. This heap of crap is the sum of my hard work…


10 Tips to Get you Back to Loving Life

Sometimes life is slow and full of sameness. Each day blends into the other and we move in this strange mechanical way. We smile because we should, but it is not as wide, free and joyous as it should be. Instead it is merely a movement that is just as mundane as everything else.

That is a glimpse into a world that none of us should relate to, but just in case you do this piece of writing is for you!

How to Transform Loneliness into Soul-Power Solitude

“When I listen to what presides within, a remarkable voice speaks. The real magic occurs when you listen.” from The Letters of Gratitude Book

When I look around and really listen to my surroundings, I hear loud and lonely cries. And they all crave the same thing. So many of us have this intense yearning to be heard, to be felt, and to be loved. There is just so much loneliness in the world. And it hurts…


A Letter for You

It is no coincidence that your eyes have happened to stumble upon this text. The universe has collaborated to create this moment, the feelings, and the revelations that will arise within you. You are meant to be where you are at this moment reading the words that follow.

Who are you really?

Conversations with friends and loved with this week reminded me just how challenging being truly authentic is for many people. I suppose when I think about it to a certain degree we are “trained” to be someone we may, or may not be.


I Believe in the Magic of Kindness

One of the great fortunes in my life has been the opportunity to experience the pure joy of both giving and receiving for no intention other than unadulterated kindness. When we give, we are reminded why our presence matters. When we receive, we are reminded that our presence matters.