An Open Letter to The Human Race



I have never told you this before but I want you to know that I see you and you are beautiful. I am sure there are so many people around you that think this but never say it. You do more than will ever be appreciated. Please know the universe appreciates you even when it responds in silence.

Yes, you have made mistakes, but that’s okay. You are learning, as we all are, and growing into the best version of you. Don’t be too hard on yourself and make sure that you are taking the time to take care of yourself.

I know that sometimes people judge you. Sometimes people will say, or act in rude ways but don’t let that get to you. That is their issue; it has absolutely nothing to do with just how awesome you are. I get that at times it hurts, but please don’t stop being authentic. I believe one of your gifts is sharing the real you with the world. Yes, all of your idiosyncrasies make you special! Don’t forget that.

People have walked in and out of your life. Don’t mourn that too much. Relationships aren’t permanent and everyone we encounter is our teacher. Learn from them and move forward with the wisdoms that they have taught you. Appreciate the people you have around you, they are there for a reason.

I know that you have been lied to, but don’t let that change the way you love. Your present, or future partner should not pay for the mistakes of lovers past. They love you in their own unique way. Embrace that because life is so finite.

People in your life have passed away and I know that you miss them. I get that it hurts and pain can be tough. Please don’t spend so much time focused on loss that you lose sight of the life that is before you. There are so many adventures and memories to be made!

I know that you have yet to forgive someone. Maybe it’s time. Not for them, or because they deserve it, but because it just may be time for you to let go. Like you, they too are flawed. No, this does not mean that you spend time with them. It just means that you love yourself enough to release these negative emotions.

You are so ridiculously talented in ways that you don’t honor. Make time for those because you have so much joy to share with the world. And yes, the world is so much better for your presence.

Sometimes you get stressed, but try and slow down a little bit. Maybe you have too much on your plate. Know that you can say no! It’s not about doing everything.

I know that sometimes you are critical about the way you look, but please know the immense beauty of who you are. A mirror can only reflect a tiny fraction of who you are. You are so much more than just that!

Lastly, I know you don’t know me, but someday you might. Smile and be kind and you will attract positive energy into your world. Trust your gut. Your instincts will never lie to you, nor would I.

When shit gets tough, remember these words. Remember that you are loved and worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. Your beauty shines bright. Shine on my friend.

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Rob and Jacq

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