Hi I am Jacq, the Co-Founder and Co-Author of The Letters of Gratitude.

That’s Me!!!
img_9402The Crazy Startup Story:

The Letters of Gratitude began in 2011 when my boyfriend (he’s my hubby now) and I were on a weekend getaway. We were only a few short months into the relationship when we decided to write letters of gratitude to ourselves. After spending 30 days in gratitude, we shared our letters with each other as a way to understand each other, heal and get happy. Long story short, we transformed our letters into a book, quit our jobs and began traveling the world! That was nearly five years ago and we are still loving our adventures on the road.

Over the years we have sold thousands of books, and at one time even ranked in the top 10 books on Amazon (#1 for Happiness). Our company is always evolving (as we are), which is why Rob decided to take a step away from this business and focus on his other passions – you can’t do everything!!!!

My passion is writing for the thousands of members of this community and creating honest and life altering courses through the power of gratitude. My programs are for real people which is why I keep everything really affordable. They also actually work –but don’t take my word for it, check out the testimonials that are posted all over the site. If you are looking to shift your life in a positive way, you are definitely in the right place. I write every single day for the members of this community and am dedicating my life to making a positive difference.

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