7 Things That We Apologize for Everyday, But Shouldn’t

Apologetic language floods our day to day conversations so much that it is beginning to lose meaning, value, and sincerity. We say “sorry” so often that we are probably unaware of exactly how often we use it. Being convinced of this commonplace occurrence, I spent an entire day counting “sorrys” to validity this hunch. Although I lost count, or perhaps interest at around 20, I came to realize that more often than not we apologize when we really shouldn’t. Saying sorry can be a dangerous miscommunication hiding what we are really trying to express.

7 Things we Apologize for and Why we Should Stop

  • Our Personal Appearance. Sorry my hair is messy. I wasn’t expecting to see anyone. Does our appearance really warrant an apology? Is it offending anyone? Likely, it isn’t. When we apologize for appearance we are essentially saying that the way that we look isn’t good enough for the company we are with. Sorry and being embarrassed are two different things.
  • Our bodily functions. Sorry I am sweaty, but I just went for a run. Really? When we apologize for sweat, we are suggestion that our body functioning correctly is negative. It doesn’t seem like this is something we should be sorry about. Rather, we should be celebrating our good health.
  • Disagreeing in conversation. I am sorry, but I Apologizing for a different opinion suggests that having your own thoughts has a negative connotation. Since when did diversity become a bad thing? Perhaps, we could just respectfully disagree and enjoy the good conversation.
  • Other People’s Emotions. I am sorry you’re mad. Apologizing for people’s emotions suggests that we have some level of control over them. Wouldn’t that be cool if we did? Maybe, not. Sometime we behave in certain ways that induces a particular action, but that is not to say that we caused the particular emotion. People are in charge and have control on their own individual response regardless of the action. For instance, let’s say you chose to not do the dishes and your spouse comes home to a sink full of dishes. You see their anger and then apologize. They could react in a variety of ways: laugh, tell you to do them, ignore them, or do the dishes with no reaction at all. The point is that despite what you did, the individual is responsible for their emotion, not you. The same can be said for positive emotions…
  • Other People’s Behaviors. I am sorry that my Dad is so blunt. You have zero control over the behaviors around you, except your own. Apologizing on someone’s behalf suggests that you have done something. We can feel embarrassed, sad, or even angry for other’s behavior, but they are not ours to apologize for.
  • Our emotional state. I am sorry that I am talking so fast. It’s just that I am really excited. Or, I am sorry I am not happy. I am having a bad day. Own them, own them, own them. I will say it again, own your emotions! If you want to change how you feel, than do it. If not, don’t excuse them, embrace them.
  • Our Oddities. I am sorry that I am being so weird. So you are a bit “out there”, or “totally out there”, that’s great! Don’t apologize for being yourself because you would feel really sorry if you weren’t.

We often apologize for things that we have zero control over, or about things that don’t warrant an apology whatsoever. We should strive to embrace our eclecticism, and celebrate our individuality, not apologize for it. When we express regret for things that we aren’t really sorry about, our apologies lose sincerity. Think about that for a minute. How much is someone’s apology worth when only 10 minutes prior they apologized about the messiness of their hair? If you are finding that people don’t respond to your apologies, try to save the “sorry” for when it really counts and say what is really on your mind.


What do you apologize for that you shouldn’t? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Rob and Jacq

  • Wendy V

    I apologize for my emotions and my appearance CONSTANTLY! Oh I must look like such an insecure idiot 🙁

    1. Rob and Jacq

      Thanks for the comment! We can only do our best. Awareness leads to change 🙂

  • Tina

    I always say i am sorry, sorry for being angry, sorry for making you mad, sorry for embarrising you, sorry i forgot to do the dishes. My best friend says Pish Posh you are just being Human, no reason to be sorry. Others say you did not make me mad what do you mean. Daughter says Mom you did not embarress me, Hubby says why the hell didn’t you find time to do the dishes, you dont work! Sometimes i say sorry for being alive, oh the pain of being human.

  • Eve B Sideen

    Very good article – thanks for the reminder… Definitely say Sorry too often and for all the wrong reasons… even when someone bumps into you. Sorry for being in the way? Not really… perhaps, excuse me would be more appropriate. Love & light… 🙂

  • Valynn Hinds

    I will no longer apologize for my existence!
    -My personal goal/affirmation

    1. TheLetters ofGratitude

      That’s awesome Valynn! Thank you for sharing your affirmation 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am finding out that my apologizing for being myself is incorrect, it is a judgement and low self esteem, it is something that I accepted to do as a child to fit in hoping I would not be judged, Thing is I was the one doing the judgement of myself. It is something I am unlearning to do, and love myself exactly as I am, I am experiencing life, does not mean I am right or wrong, because that is making judgements, and where did I learn to make those judgements but from being around others who did. What is a judgement, why do I need to make judgments of myself, my replies, my thoughts, or for myself. I don’t, so to end this I am quitting judging myself as I am here to learn and My spirit is above all this and I am going to just love myself as I am preapproved.

    1. Anonymous

      You said it all…..

    2. TheLetters ofGratitude

      Sounds like you are on a journey of healing! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, opinions and wisdom.

  • thegirlblatch1

    i always apologize for my part of being wrong in a situation . .which gets interpreted to mean that i was at fault . when i’m not most ofthe time

    1. TheLetters ofGratitude

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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