7 Reasons to Smile in this Moment of Loss

For too long I have muffled tears and loud archaic whimpering sounds for the sake of others.  Quiet I have been for those who cry behind closed doors and behead the symbols that too often we, as a society, have called weak.
At the sake of uncomforting others… unapologetically, I mourn in the only way I know how.  And I shall be grateful for the loud resounding cries.  For I have yet to learn the art of grievance, nor shall I ever feel compelled to master this.  As each loss is different and each journey is paved in its own unique way, I refuse to color this moment with a palette of another.
With no rhyme or reason other than I feel I should, I unapologetically cry.
And it is within these grieving tears that something sweet emerges from the salty dew: I found this Homage…
      1)      The fragility of life harkens us to take heed of the mortal space that surrounds us.  We too cannot evade that reality, so we shall live our best life.
     2)      It is within the sounds of silence that the lessons scream the loudest if we are so quiet to hear.  All of what we look for externally is found within.
     3)      Words too often confuse the moments that once began with clarity.  They can clutter the purest air and trap us between the fragments of our thoughts.  Simplicity is beauty in its purest form.
     4)      It is within honest emotions that feelings are felt as whispers and we shouldn’t complicate that.  We need not seek clarification for that which we already know.
     5)      The simplest moments in life are the most rewarding.  We need not justify that, rather just pursue them.
     6)      The closest kinships don’t require labels or confirmation of such.  They just are and that is enough.
     7)      For every reason that you can find in this world to cry, there are millions more to smile.  I will choose to smile.
Yesterday, I lost a friend who happened to be dog.  Not my dog, but my brother’s.  His name was Spud and he was awesome.  Does all this seem dramatic? Maybe…but I refuse to apologize for that.
Loss means something to all of us.  For those of you who cry a little louder and mourn a little longer please know that you are not alone.  While I have been so fortunate to have little experience with this, what I am certain of is that every being leaves something worthy of celebration behind.  It is my hope that this holiday season those experiencing any form of grief can find buried beneath all of the pain a reason to smile.
With Gratitude,
Rob and Jacq

Rob and Jacq

  • Sherry Zuza

    There are so many reasons to smile! I have had a lot of reasons to grieve in my lifetime. Deaths of those so very close to me. Tragic deaths. They would just keep coming. I would no sooner get over one and another would come. I started stuffing them as deep as i could not taking time to feel. But in doing that I failed to fully live. To enjoy the loved ones that were alive. I became untouchable so to speak. I failed to enjoy what God had put right in front of me. So my advise for anyone grieving is to feel it right then. If you are having a hard time letting go talk to someone about it. If you hold onto it for too long it’s just not healthy. If you give it to God don’t keep taking it back. Leave it with him to take care of. I now want my life to be filled with all the positive and good things in my life. I want to be present. I want my children and grandchildren to remember me as a Granny that loved God and loved life.

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