5 Exciting Ways to Manifest More Love and Romance into Your Life (for Singles)

We want to share ways to manifest more love and romance into your life for all of our single friends.  Just because you are not in a relationship, doesn’t mean that you cannot feel love and experience just as much romance as your friends who are in relationships.  Despite what you may have heard or seen, we do not believe that romance and love are necessarily connected to your relationship status.  

Everyone deserves to feel love and romance in their lives and here are 5 ways how:  
1) Self-Love: Write a beautiful letter to yourself and title it “Read this when you are feeling lonely”.  Write down affirmations and descriptive passages in a letter to yourself that serve as a reminder that you are loved.  Be sure to include reasons why you love yourself, and why you are complete without a partner.  Click Here to Read our Letter.
2) Listen to Music that makes you Feel Good: Crank the music, light candles and dance freely.  This will fill your heart and soul with fun, freedom and love.  Music and dance are not only romantic but they are also proven ways to relieve stress and increase happiness.   
3) Focus on Attraction: for those of you who would like to attract a romantic partner, our female friends swear by Obsession Phrases.  This program will lure the opposite sex through language –>CLICK HERE to Learn More).   Just because you do not have a partner in your life right now doesn’t mean that you cannot prepare for one in the future!
4) Get Dressed Up: Dress and appear in a way that YOU feel good! This is fantastic way to express self-love.  Not going anywhere? It doesn’t matter! Enjoy and appreciate yourself.  If you think you look sexy, then you will feel sexier too. 
5) Essential Oils and Candlelit Baths: Harness the beauty of warm baths.  Water is said to be cleansing and enriching for your soul.  Use the candles to visually stimulate you and the scent of aromatherapy will entice and romance your senses.
With Gratitude,
Rob and Jacq
Authors of “The Letters of Gratitude”

Rob and Jacq