5 Exciting and Meaningful Ways to Share Gratitude with your Partner

For those of you who are in a romantic relationship, you know as well as we do the importance of expressing gratitude.  When our people do not feel appreciated in a relationship, this is when most problems seem to arise.  When our partners feel, and hear our appreciation, our relationships are at their best.

What we have learned from our relationship and the relationships around us is that gratitude is not something that is expressed as often as it should be.  Sometimes amidst our busy lives, we overlook appreciating the people that we love and adore the most.  That is exactly why we have compiled this list!  Let’s all make a conscious effort to act and communicate with more gratitude to our partners.  Better yet, choose to use this list as a Gratitude-Challenge Checklist for the next 5 days!
1) Write your partner a Romantic Thank you Letter.  In the letter, express your gratitude for their love and be specific.  Provide in your letter examples of what you love and appreciate about them.  Leave the letter of gratitude for them somewhere that will surprise them (in their car, in their drawer, their lunch, at their workplace etc.)!  Do not be surprised when this romantic gesture of appreciation is returned to you in numerous ways.  What we give to the people around us, is what we attract back.  
2) Date Night! Send your partner a surprise “Thank you Note” and as a gesture of appreciation invite them to an honorary dinner, romantic picnic, or to a private massage where you are the masseuse.  Don’t save this special night for a weekend, it will be even more surprising if your invite your partner on a weekday Date Night!  Use your imagination, make a plan and have fun!
3) Who says Gratitude can’t be sexy?  Host a private romantic appreciation party!  Candlelit dinner, a surprise outfit, perhaps even some romantic bedroom conversation (need some ideas?  We aren’t experts, but our female friends swear that using Obsession Phrases –>CLICK HERE to Learn More).
4) Enjoy a Beautifully Honest and Expressive Conversation over a Fire.  Camp fires, beach fires, or even fireplaces create a special ambiance for sharing a heartfelt thank you.  Make some cocoa, share a bottle of wine, or whatever you choose.  Take the time to create a special moment to share your gratitude to them.   
5) Buy Flowers or Chocolates…just because!  For any gender, this is always a welcomed and appreciated gesture of gratitude.     
With Gratitude,
Rob and Jacq
Authors of “The Letters of Gratitude”

Rob and Jacq