4 Quick and Easy Ways to Get What YOU Want

Common memes such as “career OR family”, “time OR money”, and “you can’t always get what you want” would have us all believe that what we want in life is a matter of choice. In order to have one facet, we must sacrifice another.  To top it off, the infiltration of the word “but” is so engrained into our psyche that many of us actually perceive our excuses to be true.  It is common practice to say things such as “I would have a family, but I am focused on my career”, or “I would have more free time, but I really need the money.”  Sadly, these common beliefs build such rigid roadblocks in our lives that many people sacrifice the pursuit of their ultimate happiness as a result.  Fortunately, we can equip our lives with these 4 quick and easy practices to combat these harmful beliefs. 
We can HAVE IT ALL, and here is how:      
      1) Affirmations: before you quickly write this one off, try it.  Have you ever had that common experience of saying that you want something aloud and then suddenly it happens?  While we are apt to chalk these experiences up to coincidence, the more they happen, the more likely it is that you will believe in the power of affirmations.  For 30 days, we challenge you to say out loud what you want as though it is truth.  For instance, if you want to be feel more happiness, practice saying it in an affirmative way, such as: I am grateful for the abundant happiness in my life.  In order to make this practice engrained in your life, continue using a variety of affirmations for AT LEAST 30 days.  Watch these so called coincidences pile up over the course of the month.   If you are really a skeptic, be sure to record your personal affirmations and evaluate them in one month’s time.   

2) Believe what you want WILL happen: there is a reason why “The Law of Attraction” gained widespread popularity.  Basic premises of manifestation actually do work in practical ways when you stay on track and focused.  A great way to begin is to start by being aware of what you say aloud and what you believe.  Have you ever had that experience of saying “I really don’t want to see _______” and then you do.  Saying what you want and don’t want, work in the same way.  Eliminate “I don’t want________” and replace these thoughts/statements with “I want__________”.  Be sure to actually believe in what you are saying.  Again, practice this for one month.  Perhaps you want to focus on one goal.  Write it down, say affirmations, believe it and ACT. 

      3) Be Accountable:  The most challenging part of shifting the practices in our minds and in our lives is sticking to it.  While we begin with our best intentions, energy and beliefs, time tends to fade these and our goals often fall to the wayside.   Everyone is great at beginning major life changes, but few of us are amazing at sticking with them.  By far the easiest and most effective method to stay accountable to what you want is through goals on track.  Not only can you stay accountable to your goals, it is a huge time-saver!  Staying accountable is the ONLY way that I could have achieved any of my goals.  I can record my progress, create vision boards, and track time.  Accountability is the easiest way to achieve your goals.  http://tinyurl.com/o8tvr7k
4    4) Drop Harmful Expectations:  Keep in mind that you want to be setting achievable targets because nobody wants to fail.  So if your goal is to “fall in love”, or “find a balance between career and family”, or “have time and money”, be sure to set small targets and continue to build on them every day.  For instance, you have decided finding a life-partner is imperative to you so you practice daily affirmations, you believe it will happen, you are using goal tracking to hold yourself accountable, but you really want this person to be precisely  six foot four and make a six figure salary in a year.  Be open minded because perhaps you meet someone who is 6 foot two and makes a five figure salary.  The point is that you can get everything you want, but be open to “similar” possibilities.  We all have to be flexible in life, even when it comes to getting what we want.       

Rob and Jacq

  • Anonymous

    Believing that it is going to happen has helped me manifest several goals in the last 2 years.

  • Lori

    I am going to do this! I am starting a new venture right after vacation and reading this has helped me tremendously. To think I almost deleted it without reading it 🙁 what a huge mistake this would have been. I am going to have to work on those affirmations next. I don’t think it’s possible to work on two sets of affirmations at the same time, hahaha!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am manifesting due to my constant Gratitude!

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful words of advice that are well worth hearing again. I had a boss in my 30’s (I am now 48) who recognized something in me that I myself did not. So beginning a brand new career which I had no experience in was intimidating to say the least especially with a touch of low self-esteem. He wrote down 10 things about me (ex: I am smart, intelligent and capable of anything I wish to achieve, I am beautiful inside and out, etc.) He had me go into the bathroom at work each morning an repeat these 10 things. You can imagine I was more than surprised when subconsciously I began believing these things but only realized it when I went to a company function for a client and several of the women commented that I presented myself as a very confident, in-charge kind of woman! Wow-that was amazing!! I have to say that through the years and changes in my life I’ve had to reeducate myself several times over and it is a practice that I think needs to continue through ones life. Thanks again for the reminder-Love your site, your words of wisdom, your reminders to enjoy life not endure it.

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