100 Ideas to Fuel your Creative Soul



  1. Draw a flipbook cartoon (flip through page 175- 215)
  2. Write a poem (check out the QR Code Below for Writing Starters)
  3. Write a book
  4. Write a short story
  5. Make a flower arrangement
  6. Watch drawing tutorials and follow along
  7. Get a canvas and paint
  8. Sculpt with clay, or weld a sculpture
  9. Knit
  10. Crotchet
  11. Embroider, or weave
  12. Make jewelry
  13. Cook without a recipe and have someone else choose your main ingredientfront cover bol
  14. Redecorate a room in your house
  15. Pick flowers
  16. Plant flowers
  17. Make candles (with surprises inside)
  18. Bake
  19. Break old pottery and make a mosaic
  20. Origami
  21. Design and Sew an Outfit
  22. Revamp something old into something new
  23. Make a chalkboard wall
  24. Bake something you have always wanted to try
  25. Go for a beach walk to collect shells, sand, or rocks and make something
  26. See if you can come up for a NEW use for mason jars (good luck)
  27. Invent something
  28. Play a musical instrument
  29. Compose a song
  30. Write a play
  31. Upholster something
  32. Build a website
  33. Start a blog
  34. Take the time to create a new hairstyle
  35. Write a letter
  36. Start a gratitude journal (write or draw)
  37. Build a piece of furniture
  38. Create gadgets to solve your household frustrations.
  39. Make a Zen garden
  40. Concoct your own olive oil infusions
  41. Make soap
  42. Recreate the food in fairytales/nursery rhymes (green eggs and ham)
  43. Draw an animated sketchbook
  44. Make a scrapbook
  45. Invent smoothie/juice recipes
  46. Recreate your favorite recipe in a different style (Mediterranean, Thai, Chinese, etc.)
  47. Take dance classes, or learn a dance from YouTube
  48. Make a personalized sugar scrub (recipe on page 120)
  49. Make playlists of your favorite songs and categorize them by mood or activity (exercise music, cooking music, get happy playlist etc.)
  50. Write a Song (put it online)
  51. Teach someone something creative you already do
  52. Take photos, develop them and create something from them
  53. Create and host a scavenger hunt in your city
  54. Invent your own exercise system
  55. Create a hula hoop routine to unexpected music
  56. Try belly dancing
  57. Write and preform a rap song
  58. Make your own perfume/cologne
  59. Choreograph a flash mob
  60. Make a dream catcher
  61. Calligraphy
  62. Carve something
  63. Make a lampshade
  64. Design the architecture or interior of your dream house
  65. Learn photo editing with Photoshop
  66. Make stepping stones for your garden
  67. Plan and execute an event/party with a fun theme
  68. Learn to sing a song in a new language
  69. Take acting classes, or play around at home by watching your favorite movies and emulating the screen
  70. Design a tattoo
  71. Design and make an app
  72. Write imaginative horoscopes for friends and family
  73. Play in your closet and make up new outfits
  74. Design an awesome outfit entirely made up from thrift store finds
  75. Dig out your boxed photos and make collages
  76. Make a photo video with music
  77. Create a photo/picture frame with reclaimed wood
  78. Choreograph and interpretive dance on the topic of love
  79. Write and send a message in a bottle to your future self
  80. Plan in detail a one month dream vacation on a budget
  81. Lip sync a song and post it for fun
  82. Create a time capsule for someone to find
  83. Invent your own signature drink and come up with a fun name
  84. Design your own t-shirt (check out Tee Springs)
  85. Draw a cartoon
  86. Play Charades
  87. Host a scary story night where everyone has to tell them improve style
  88. Make a beautiful fishpond
  89. Learn the yoyo and make a routine
  90. Make wind chimes with recycled items
  91. Create a henna design
  92. Make an infographic for something you are passionate about
  93. Meditate to spark a creative idea
  94. Write a recipe book based on all of your own concoctions
  95. Make a birdhouse
  96. Design a costume
  97. Host a tapas night with a food and costume theme
  98. Host a martini night where everyone brings one bottle. Have fun creating new concoctions for all of your friends to try.
  99. Decorate cakes/cupcakes or host a contest with a random theme
  100. Write a list of 100 creative things that you can do

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