10 Tough Transitions and How to Embrace Them

10 Tough Transitions & How to Embrace Them:

  1. Change of Career.
  2. End of a Romantic Relationship/Divorce.
  3. Moving to a New City.
  4. End of a Friendship/Life.
  5. Shift in Mindset/Beliefs.
  6. Loss/Change of Spirituality.
  7. Conformity & Disregard of own Thoughts.
  8. Shift in Self/Psyche.
  9. Starting Anew (education, food choices, healthy/unhealthy lifestyle).
  10. Anytime Trust is Broken, or in times of feeling Betrayed.

Transitions can be the most challenging times in people’s lives because most of us are creatures of habit.  This means that we find safety, and security in the repetitious nature of our lives.  We come to know what to expect and how everything will appear.  Expectations, as a rule, set our own self up for failure because nothing can always be the way that we want, imagine, and desire.  There are two major types of life transitions: those that come as a result of our choices, and those that are beyond our control.

A) Transitions as a Result of Choice:

Choosing to make life changes can be exhilarating, invigorating, and scary.  For many people, the conscious choice to make a major life change results in reward.  Although the decision to make a life-leap is often nerve-racking at first, it is often the result of balancing our most inner desires and needs.  Anytime we follow our own path, intuitive or careful decision, we are heading towards our “calling”.

Getting to a place of decisiveness is perhaps the most daunting.  This is when we play the “what-if game” with ourselves.  Our minds are creative creatures that love to scribe in imaginary worlds.  However, once we play out all of the potential scenarios, the answer is usually quite clear.  It was likely clear all along…

On a personal level we both have made major life changes over the course of 3 years: break-ups, dealing with betrayal, shift in careers, geographic relocation, loss of friends; yet, in the end they were all choices that we embrace.  For us, following our intuition has been our best life guide and it has never steered us wrong.  Rarely, do we reach out to friends or family to help us weigh in on situations because we have all of the answers we need is locked within us.  For us, getting to a place of decision making, is at the core, about trusting self!  Sometimes we just need a some time alone, to look in the mirror, so that we can ask and answer with honesty “what do I want?”  This is all that matters.  Our lives are not about what those around us believe, it is about what we want for ourselves, our lives and our legacies.  Does all this sound selfish? Well it should because it is only when we are able to be good to ourselves, that we are able to be good to others, and evoke positive change in the world. Great world change begins within.

B) Transitions as a Result of Circumstances Beyond our Control:

Anytime the word “control” enters into the picture is a time where there is a challenge for most people.  Whether we admit it or not, it would be “easier” if we could manipulate our world and create our own vision of perfection.  But….this is not the reality, nor should it be.  This world and all of the people in it are an eclectic montage and we should embrace this diversity.  Sometimes, diversity does sometimes come at a cost: we can be hurt by decisions made by our circles.  Is this tough…YES.  But is it right…likely.  For instance, let’s get more specific: breakups: they suck; yet, in the end most of us can look back and say “Thank Goodness!”

Even when the world hurls at us challenging times that we least expected, this does not mean that it is not the right experience for us at that time.  We always ask ourselves: “what can I learn?” Regardless of how painful, challenging, or unwanted a circumstance may first appear, there is always a lesson to be learned.  When we are learning, we are growing and this is great news! When lightening strikes in your life, as easy as it is to wallow, look to the lesson.  New beginnings rarely emerge without an end.

Rob and Jacq

  • Anonymous

    Thank you. I am so tired of hearing you, you, you. I am learning to let them say what they want, within reason and go on. I don’t have time to dwell on their drama..I have a life. I am emerging into a new self and I am happy!

  • j615

    The relationship is over and my city has changed and it’s all new. I am new as a result. Is it difficult? Sometimes. Is it exciting? Yes. I embrace the possibilities and adventures that unfold each day. Sometimes I hear some negative #$%^@ and I change the channel!

    1. Anonymous

      That’s the only way to do it. Change that channel. I’ve made enemies doing that, but there’s nothing I can do about that. For so many years I tried to please everyone else but it doesn’t work. My brain finally is listening to the truth and that means I have to be true to myself. 🙂 God bless.

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