10 Tips to Get you Back to Loving Life


Sometimes life is slow and full of sameness. Each day blends into the other and we move in this strange mechanical way. We smile because we should, but it is not as wide, free and joyous as it should be. Instead it is merely a movement that is just as mundane as everything else.    

That is a glimpse into a world that none of us should relate to, but just in case you do this piece of writing is for you!

I think at some point in life, we all have these minor slips into boredom where life is just a little less passionate and less exciting than it should be. Some will blame the weather, finances, commitments, work or some other lame excuse – but regardless of the so-called reason I assure you there is a way out of it!

I know some of you won’t like this, but here is the real deal: if your life feels like it sucks right now, chances are that you have created that. Despite how that may appear at first glimpse, it is actually really amazing news because it also means that you can fix it. Equally, if you are absolutely loving your life, congratulations that is what you have made! It’s not about luck. It’s not about anything other than ourselves, our choices and our freedom to create.

For me, loving life really comes down to discovering your authentic truth. It’s about finding what ignites a fire within, doing that and then not being satisfied with that one passion. It’s about continual exploration for more creativity and more love for life. I think it’s about developing an ever-expanding abundance of passions – it’s having so many that we can’t bare waste a moment on candy crush, or negative conversation. It’s about newness and not settling for simply feeling satisfied. It’s doesn’t feel “meh”, it’s yelling ”YEAH!!!”  Loving life is about experiences and questioning what we consider to be normal. It’s about examining the so-called “givens” and looking beyond them. It’s about courage to acknowledge our truth and chasing it until we become breathless.

So I guess the big question is, “how do we get there?”

I think it’s impossible to create a list of solutions that will magically transform into a life your will love, but I can offer a few options to invite some more mojo back into your world.

 10 Ways to Get you Back to Loving Life:

  1. Gratitude – before doing anything new, or exciting, take a moment to appreciate everything that you already love about your life and yourself. What parts of your life do you currently love? What aspects of yourself are absolutely AMAZING? (I hope you have a long list!)
  2. People – spend more time with people who give you energy. Identify what people in your life instantly give you a mood and energy boost. Make the time to surround yourself with them more often. If you don’t have these types of people in your world, make an effort to get out and meet new people. There are so many inspiring people in the world and you really deserve to be surrounded with them. Equally important is look at the flip side of this coin. Who do you dread spending time with, or leaves you feeling negative? Take some time to work through that.
  3. Passions – Acknowledge what you love and dedicate time to that! Don’t be satisfied with just one, or two passions. Try something new and start expanding your repertoire. It could be learning something new (like a language), or creating something (painting, writing, cooking etc.).
  4. New Experiences – Be creative and consciously create one new experience in your life EVERY WEEK! It may be trying something new, going somewhere new, or whatever. Mix it up.
  5. GIVE – I don’t think I know a single person who doesn’t instantly feel happy when they do something kind for someone. So go for it and make an effort to give something to someone on an ongoing basis. Maybe you want to donate some old stuff to charity, write a kind note to a friend, or make something for relative. It doesn’t have to cost a thing to be a giving person!
  6. Converse – Have good and philosophical conversations with people. Not only are these good for your mind, they expand your excitement for life. It’s a great way to get to know someone better, and for you to express yourself.
  7. Laugh – learn a joke and tell it. Do something small everyday that will get you to really belly laugh. It’s good for your spirit and your soul. I think it’s pretty impossible to love your life and not laugh!
  8. Say Yes and No Authentically – If you want to do something, have the courage to say, “yes” to invites. If you aren’t up for something and don’t want to, learn to say “no” without the guilt. For instance, a neighbor invited me to her house to exercise to a Zumba video. As fun as it sounded, I am a HORRIBLE dancer but I said yes because I thought it could be fun. So even though I am sure I looked absolutely ridiculous, I went and had a great time! Have the courage to go for it and don’t be embarrassed about being yourself! OWN IT 🙂
  9. Play – you are NEVER too old to play! Spend time doing things that just make you smile and don’t worry about the age limits. I have stopped my car at playgrounds because I couldn’t bear driving by without giving the swing a good try! Similarly, I don’t think I can get through a department store without playing in the toy isle (even if it’s just for a few moments). Yes, I am sure I have looked strange, but I don’t care because it makes ME SMILE and at the end of the day that’s what matters. Maybe you like games, practical jokes, toys, coloring contests, or play dough? I have no idea, but reconnect with something fun and youthful!
  10. Authenticity – be real! Yep, that is a tough one but it’s so imperative to loving life. Create a vision for what you really want a try it! There is no such thing as failure when you are learning. For me, I hate rain and clouds and so I moved somewhere hot. It all felt very complicated at the time, but actually it wasn’t. Explore your mind and find out what you really want!

That’s all for now 🙂

Chat Soon.








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