10 Random Acts of Gratitude

Be an Active Creator of your Happiness! 10 Random Acts of Gratitude:

1.  Pick up the tab:

Do something nice for someone unexpectedly.  Pick up the tab for someone at the grocery store, the coffee shop, a restaurant.


This challenge is for for the brave! We all know the benefits of hugging, so why not host your very own free hugs campaign.  Never heard of it? Check out this video:

3. Post Random Notes of Gratitude

Write out small notes of gratitude and drop them off in unexpected places.  This will boost positive energy for everyone!  Warning: This is more fun than you may expect! Here is a video that we originally used for the 12 days of Gratitude, but it will give you an idea.

4. Give a Thank you Note out of the Blue!

We all can express gratitude all year round and not just on Thanksgiving, or when someone does something nice.  Why not hand write a note, or send an email. Here is one that we made:

Appreciative 1







5. Collect Litter.

Express your gratitude to the earth and get out there and do your job to make the world a better place.  Invite some friends, bring some garbage bags and go for a litter walk.

6. Plant something beautiful somewhere random.

No explanation needed on this one.


Clean out your closet and/or house and give it away.  Not only is it a freeing experience, it will give value to other peoples lives.

8. Volunteer

Share your time with a worthy cause, or better yet start one!

9. Leave and Inspirational Book Behind

Random!  Choose a book you have read and LOVE. Then leave it somewhere for someone to find.  It will makes someones day and maybe even change their life!

(Like “The Letters of Gratitude” 😛 Hint. Hint)

10. Be FUNNY! Do something silly in public and give people a good laugh.

Gratitude is not all serious, it is spontaneous and fun.  Don’t take it all too seriously, be silly and be grateful for the moment.  Laughter is contagious, so share it.

Rob and Jacq

  • Sherry Zuza

    Happiness is contagious! I would leave notes written on the bathroom mirror in lipstick for my partner Just the smallest things can make a big difference in other peoples lives! My youngest daughter told me not to long ago, Mom do you remember the notes you would stick in my lunch bag? I used to think you had the prettiest hand writing! So absolutely make a difference in someones life whenever you can!

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