10 Gratitude Mantras to Say EVERYDAY:

What we tell ourselves impacts the way we feel and experience the world around us.  Here is our list of Daily Gratitude Mantras that we say everyday:

1) I love myself unconditionally.

2) I will keep my heart and soul open to change and diversity.

3) I will embrace the moment before me.

4) I choose to be happy.  I deserve happiness.

5) I am Thankful for my life and so I will live it the way that I choose.

6) My dreams will come true.

7) I am spiritually and financially wealthy.

8) I am perfect the way that I am.

9) I am worthy of all forms of love.

10) I Love ME!

What are your personal mantras?

Be sure to share your favorite positive affirmations below!

Rob and Jacq