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  “In 30 days we found something we hadn’t realized we’d lost: Ourselves.”


You too can transform YOUR life in 30 days! Embark on your beautiful journey with Gratitude to heal your past. Embrace your inner courage to find clarity for your future. And allow the power of Gratitude to embody your spirit and empower your life. “Like” Us on Facebook



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Rob Martin and Jacq Pollock are the creators of The Letters Of Gratitude Book.
Although “The Letters of Gratitude” was written only 3 months after meeting, the process evoked an extraordinary personal transformation for both Rob and Jacq.  Their journey  of writing urged a serious reevaluation of life, social norms and personal dreams.  They both came to realize that they had been living up to the expectations of others, rather than pursuing their individual dreams.  In 2012, they gave up all of their worldly belongings in pursuit of a more meaningful life.  They traded in their day jobs, for a life of exploration.  With only backpacks, they continue their journey of Gratitude traveling around the world.

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Rico Ramos

I highly recommend this book to anyone that seeks or wants to gain a closer understanding of themselves and of their partner. I think you will find that once you get started you will not want to miss writing one letter. The only critique I have is that I would have liked to see some pictures or drawings included but that is a minor point really. I also have a very early copy of the book so perhaps they did include some of this in the latest release. In any case I thank the authors and highly recommend this book!


After going through the process, my reaction is: how come have I not learned this earlier in my life? How come in this day and age, we have not yet discovered this essential core view of the world? How come all kids over the world are not learning this in schools? The meanings we give to our experiences seems most of the time unconscious, lacking awareness. Practicing gratitude opens us to new ways of being. Knowledge and knowing how to be opens the doors of knowing how to do. Powerful.

Katherine Gotthardt

Writing becomes a catalyst for growth, leading us to make peace with our past and ourselves and benefiting the present, which is comprised of us, our loved ones, our ambitions and goals. The Letters of Gratitude can be a source of comfort, inspiration and personal development for anyone willing to invest in spiritual and intellectual health.

Mysti Reutlinger

As I read through the content of the system, I found myself more intrigued into the complete process by which Rob and Jacq designed. I had experienced more than a few rough years prior and needed to reconnect with the positive me I had seemingly buried along the way. The Letters of Gratitude did more than I set out to accomplish and in such a manner that I have never looked back upon the experiences past in the same manner. Each experience has allowed me to connect with others and guide them into their own path of joy, peace, love, and gratitude.


I recommend this book to anyone who is ready to delve in to the depths of gratitude as a wonderfully well written transformational tool. If you have ever practiced gratitude, kept a gratitude journal, paid it forward, or if you like those “free hugs” videos on Youtube, you will love this. Better yet, if you have NEVER done those things, you especially need the ideas within this book! If you journal them and put them into practice, it will change the way you view everything. This was written by two amazing people, and I’m grateful to them for sharing their knowledge with the world. I recommend liking their Facebook page as well for updates.


It’s a very understandable and I believe anyone who reads the book can achieve thankfulness in their soul after reading. The lessons are doable and can be done at a pace to his/her own timing. Very well written.

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